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Furniture Care


All of our finishes have been specifically chosen due to their durability and ease of care. Keeping your new furniture/cabinetry clean of dust, dirt, and grime is the easiest and first step to caring for your new product.


Once your piece(s) are finished and delivered to you, please allow at least 5 days for them to fully cure before cleaning with any liquids. After this period, if any water or liquid is spilled onto the surface, make sure to wipe up quickly. This simple maintenance will greatly extend the life of any finish.

Below are specific instructions on how to perform the cleaning of products with a conversion varnish, paint, or hard-wax oil finish:

We recommend using a damp rag with clean water as the go-to cleaning method for your furniture. Remember that wood and water aren’t the best of friends, so your rag should be wrung out and not dripping wet during use. Avoid hard scrubbing or scratching or marring can occur. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Proceed to the next step if heavier duty cleaning is necessary.

Regular Cleaning

Heavy Cleaning

We recommend cleaning with a 50/50 mix of mild all-purpose cleaner and water to remove any stubborn dirt or grease build up that cannot be removed with regular cleaning. Utilize gentle scrubbing and wiping.

Dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Please avoid furniture cleaner and polishing products, as they can potentially damage or interfere with your finish. In order to avoid scratching, discoloring, or dulling of the finish, the use of abrasive cleaners, ammonia, or any other type of chemical must be avoided.

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