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Jayne Woodcraft 



The Vision

Our statement collection is inspired by Scandinavian Modern Design & Japanese Minimalism. Each piece is conceptualized to embody a spectrum of human emotion & attract connection. As seen in our custom pieces, we exemplify versatility & demonstrate skill in a wide range of styles.


The Design


From our home to yours, we compose each refined piece with a primary focus on innovation, functionality, & longevity. Next, we proceed with thoughtful, aesthetic design, application of symmetry & balance, and distinct attention to detail. Joinery is appointed to best allow for seasonal wood movement.


The Craft & Details


In our shop, the century old battle between the efficiency of machinery & the precision of hand tools continues. Rest assured, our products are a skillfully balanced marriage of the two. We take notable effort to avoid use of fasteners.

Our goal is to enable the trees to live on in our furniture. We allow the pattern & grain of each board to dictate its place & function in the piece. With close attention to detail, we find harmony between the elements & materials.

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